Thursday, 19 December 2013

5 reasons why you should visit The Print Shop

5 days to go, and 5 reasons why you should visit The Print Shop in its final week.

Photograph by Made in Britain
1. Because we're not here for much longer!

As a pop-up (or temporary shop), it really is our last week, so if you haven't already been in, now's your chance!  The shop is still brimming with wonderful things by local makers.

Photograph by Dawn Cooper
2. You're in for a unique experience

We've had so much fun leading workshops and showing you how to print through different processes.  At the heart of our ethos is making and hand-printing things yourself, which is why you might be lucky enough to catch one of our printers hand-printing their items in a live shop demonstration - you could even buy them on the same day!

Photograph by Carys Ink
3. You can buy something genuinely different

Fed up with seeing the same things everywhere?  Want to buy something just a little bit different and special for your favourite people?  You've come to the right place!  With over 35 different Bristol makers and exclusively handmade and hand-printed goods, you're not likely to find our one of a kind items anywhere else.  And handmade presents are always appreciated!

Photograph by Love Local
4. It's time to shop local!

I couldn't have put it better myself, Bryony!  Bristol is brilliant, and it's becoming more and more important to support local makers and enrich our local art scene and economy.  So why not pick up something that has been handmade in Bristol by independent artists?  A heartfelt local purchase can go a long way.  What's more, you can meet the makers directly in the shop, and visit our fantastic neighbours, Paper, Scissors Stone and Made in Britain in the same square!

Photograph by Sophie Rae
5. Because we love having you in the shop.

A busy shop makes for happy printmakers.  It's been a joy meeting you all, and enjoying engaging conversations about your printmaking, and answering your questions about our artists and methods.  Come in and bring the festive cheer, and we'll make you feel very welcome!

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