Monday 19 August 2013

Meet the Printmaker - Holly Drewett

Holly makes wonderful, textural images which, for anyone without a deep knowledge of print techniques, may not be easy to determine the means of creation. Here Holly gives us an insight into how she goes about producing her print work...

Please can you introduce yourself and tell us a little about your work…
What sort of prints do you make?
I make prints using a variety of techniques including etching, silk-screen, lithography, lino and wood cut. I am fascinated by the different qualities of print and how they can work in conjunction. Interested in landscape, both rural and urban, I use this as a starting point for my work. I aim to generate an impression of a place, deconstructing source imagery to create something new. I document places through drawing and photography to start the process. Then, abstract sections are used to regenerate pieces, sometimes 


The piece above was made using this process it involves 6 layers built up from monoprinting, lithography, drypoint and lino. Something like this would be done over a week or so, as some processes require wet paper and some dry. The ink also needs to dry between layers. If I am working on prints like this, I like to have a few things on the go, some which are more spontaneous and some, which will take longer to finalise.

Are you solely a printmaker or do you work in any other creative fields?
My work encompasses drawing, photography and more recently, painting as well. I also teach Art part-time, to both adults and children.

What is your earliest recollection of making a print and what made you to want
to do more?
I remember making my first print at school and being fascinated by repeat imagery, I guess in some respects it was something I wanted to more of from then. But at college I really got the bug, there is something so exciting about lifting that piece of paper and seeing what the print will look like! There are always little surprises with printmaking and I think that is what I love.

Morzine / silkscreen
Annapurna, 2012 / Polyester plate lithograph

What inspires you and are there any themes or ideas that often run through your work?
Landscape and our environment and continuous themes in my work. I am interested in everything that our environment contains and focus not only on the landscape as a whole, but smaller brief encounters that happen within it. 

Varanasi, 2012 / Solar plate & embossing

Could you give us an insight into where you work – your studio/workspace
and where you print?
I work at The Silent Room, Hamilton House, where I print and have a very messy space! I tend to draw on the move and work from home sometimes too.

The work of which other printmaker/s do you admire?
Norman Ackroyd, Robert Rauschenberg, Katsutoshi Yuasa, Katherine Jones, Licca Ito, Charlotte Sainsbury….

Printmaking is made up of lots of different processes, which aspect
do you enjoy the most?
Layering and combining imagery/colour, but I also really enjoy the process of inking up plates, I find it relaxing (most of the time!)

Etching print process 01
Etching print process 02
Etching print process 03
Etching print process 04
Etching print process 05

Do you have a favourite tool or something you find invaluable when printing?
Paper fingers!

Can you share a little printing trick or secret with us ?
I remember how in awe I was when someone showed me pre-soaked paper; soaked the day before and wrapped in plastic bags – All ready to go for an etching edition; that was a turning point! It kind of points back to the paper fingers, as I think I mentioned, I am messy by nature so anything to help keep things clean in a print workshop is my saviour.

How would you like to develop your printmaking skills in the future?
I would love to go and work at Paupers press.

Which printed publication do you most look forward to thumbing through?
Printmaking Today

Monochrome or multi-coloured?
Tricky – I love both!

Thanks Holly, your prints are amazing... it's great to now be able to appreciate all the techniques and layers that go into making them!

Holly Drewett's work is currently featured in the first volume of The Print Shop, which runs until August 25th. If you can, please do pop by the shop to see all our printmakers' work for real... the computer images never really does their work justice!

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