Printmakers: 6th November - 24th December

Flock (detail) / screen print
Dave Bain

Full-time illustrator, Dave Bain, works in a number of different traditional media, including screen-printing - often depicting vivid interpretations of wildlife. He focuses on texture, pattern and shape in his work, particular relishing the interaction of colour.

He also manages the Drawn in Bristol studio and screen-printing facilities.

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Orange Hearth (detail) / screen print
Bella Barton

Bella Barton create images that explore interior living spaces, referencing modern architecture, in the use of blocks of colour to build up settings, which often venture into the uncanny. The uncanny provides a familiar knowing sensation with the intent of evoking an emotional connection to the physical and metaphorical layering of the prints.

Joe Blakey & 
Louisa Woodworth

Joseph Blakey and Louisa Woodworth are Bristol based illustrators and printmakers. 
They work in bold colours and textures, and are inspired by folk tales, half remembered children's book design, and other such phantasmagoria.
Wheel of Good Fortune (detail) / screen print

Carys-ink is the pseudonym of Bristol based illustrator and designer Carys Tait.

Carys has worked as a designer since 1996, and mainly works digitally for clients and agencies. In recent years, she has re-discovered screen printing and now enjoys getting ink on her hands a bit more often!

Her screen prints are generally colourful, often fuelled by ideas of optimism & good fortune and likely to incorporate a love of bikes, ‘home made’ machines, rollerskates and/or hand-drawn typography.
Katy Christianson

Katy Christianson is a self-taught illustrator and printmaker living and working in beautiful Bristol. 
Her drawing style is detailed and intricate, mixing delicate black line drawing with complex patterns and bold flashes of colour. Having learnt screen printing through courses at Spike Island and Drawn in Bristol, Katy has been applying her illustrations to hand printed products, greetings cards and art prints. 
Katy's screen prints are most inspired by the detail of etchings, woodcuts and old letterpress prints, as well as her beloved collection of screen printed gig posters.
Notebook Design #1 / screen print
Dawn Cooper

Dawn Cooper is a freelance illustrator, living and working in the vibrant city of Bristol.  She creates densely patterned pen drawings, which are then scanned, assembled and coloured digitally to form colourful, folky illustrations.  

Dawn also likes to experiment with screen printing, translating her designs into simple screen-printed, one of a kind stationery items, and products for the home.  She is inspired by wildlife, wild flowers, plant life and silhouetted forms, which often form the basis for these designs.

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Lucy Davey

Lucy Davey has been a freelance illustrator since graduating from UWE in 2005. In that time she has created illustrations and lettering for over ninety book covers, as well as images for advertising, packaging design and magazines. She is represented by the Artworks illustration agency.

To get away from the computer Lucy likes to experiment with screen printing and she finds her love of limited colour and bold shape lends itself to the medium. Lucy learned to print at Spike Island and also Snap studio where she was a member in 2011/12.

Lucy is inspired by mid-century design, Japanese woodcut, old transport posters and American landscape photographers Carleton Watkins and Ansel Adams.

She is now a member of Drawn in Bristol studio and collective.

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Untitled / hand burnished woodcut on Japanese paper
Kerry Day 

Kerry Day is an mixed medi artist who concentrates her gaze on the human figure and in particular the nude. Her practice is rooted in a rigorous dedication to life drawing. 

Working in oils, acrylics, and print, her pieces are powerful and expressive and have an economy of line that is bold and unfussy.

Kerry completed a MA in Multi Disciplinary Printmaking at the University of the West of England (UWE) in 2011 and is an active member of Spike Print Studio and the North Bristol Artists.      

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Zamira Drew

Zamira is a freelance graphic designer and has been working in the creative industry since 2004. Alongside commercial endeavours, Zamira produces limited edition screen prints under the name ‘Type & Toast’. 
Her work embraces a bold and playful visual language that celebrates lettering, design and illustration. 
Morzine (detail) / silkscreen
Holly Drewett 
Holly prints using a variety of techniques including etching, silk-screen, lithography, lino and wood cut. She has a fascination with the different qualities of print and how they can work in conjunction.

The starting point for her work comes from an interest in landscape, both rural and urban, she aims to generate an impression of a place, deconstructing source imagery to create something new. Holly documents places through drawing and photography to start the process, then abstract sections are used to regenerate pieces, sometimes using digital techniques. All prints are then printed by hand.

Brushstroke1 / screen print
Martha Gavin

Martha Gavin is a portrait painter and illustrator who has relatively recently returned to her first love of screen print. Originally from London she moved to Bristol two years ago and since then has printed at Spike Print Studio.

In her screen prints she focuses on simple abstract compositions alongside work based on figure studies. The two strands are linked by the use of dynamic gestural marks in muted subtle hues and tones. The figure work is based on very quick poses where the marks made have to be simple and descriptive. This brushwork, its energy and inherent quality are echoed in the abstract prints, juxtaposed with other simple marks and shapes.
Orange Peel II / soft ground etching
Coo Geller

Coo wants to bring the sense of wonderment to her work that she feels for everyday things - a walnut, a parsnip, an acorn, an orange…

“I give value to each little thing,” she says, “to show its importance in the world.”

Natural materials, such as orange peel, sometimes play a part in the production of the work, which takes the form of laser cut pieces, book works, etchings and collographs. Recently, Coo has been making etchings using soft ground to directly transfer the texture of things.
Kwabena (detail)  / engraving
Ben Goodman

Since visiting an exhibition at The Ikon Gallery of Thomas Bewick’s work, Ben has become increasingly focused on wood engraving. He now lives and prints in Bristol, where he has a studio equipped with an 1875 Albion Printing Press.

A theme running throughout his personal work is a sense of place and observation; always capturing a moment in time when we pause to think. Whether that be the forgotten crossroads where Robert Leroy Johnson sold his soul, or the family cat resting after a large meal. 

His work as been accepted into exhibitions such as the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition and more recently the Society of Wood Engravers 76th Annual Exhibition.

Anna Harley

Anna Harley is a Fine Art Printmaker, member of the Society of Women Artists, and works out of Spike Print Studio in Bristol. She has a Masters Degree in Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking and lives with her family at the foothills of the Mendips, in South West England. 

Anna's work is firmly rooted within the Landscape tradition, while the fabric textures that inhabit her prints are an echo of her Scandinavian Arts and Crafts background. She builds up her screenprints in layers formed from multiple exposures of her drawings, photographs and fabric fragments to create delicate, haunting and ethereal landscape images that evoke a past world of myth and legend.

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Oystercatchers (detail) / woodcut & linocut
Christine Howes

Christine Howes, printmaker, specialises in natural history and landscapes. Printing at Spike Print Studio she makes Woodcuts, Linocuts and Wood engravings.

Having freelanced as an illustrator for many years she now enjoys making her own art and teaching others about print.
Kate Ingham

Kate is an illustrator and print maker who creates fictitious landscapes and playful line drawings. Her work has recently become more focused on recreating beautiful places that she has explored by bike, boat or foot. Kate works with a combination of paper stencils and original drawings, brought together through screen printing.

Her love for recreating the magic and magnitude of the outside world in small line drawing has also inspired her to explore wood cut and etching. Kate's hopes her work encourages others to take up a new craft or rekindle former creative passions.
Lea Lloyd

Lea Lloyd is a printmaker and freelance designer based in Bristol with a passion for screen printing. Integral to all Lea’s work is her passion for the handmade.

She enjoys experimenting with silhouettes, shapes, colours and pattern and uses a combination of drawings, photocopies and digital manipulation to create graphical images which translate to her screen prints. Her work is strongly inspired by nature, retro graphics and pattern, her style is always very bold in style and colour.
John Joseph Lynch

John J Lynch is a multi disciplinary printmaker graduating with a distinction in MA multidisciplinary printmaking 2012, He works across a number of printing methods and specialises in relief printing, developing his practice of experimental woodcut prints as the recipient of the Lark Trust's Peter Reddick Bursary at Spike Print studio.

Winner of the 2012 NEO: Print prize for outstanding new media in print John has produced works in Etching, enamel, screenprint, and multimedia prints mixing traditional relief printing with digital methods and flock printing. His work often conveys classical Iconic imagery in a decaying urban setting.

John teaches a number of printing methods and has his own mobile screen printing studio in which he has taught printing to schools, Charity groups, Referral units, youth groups, adults, artists and beginners.

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Snow Blind 2 / screen print
Anna Marrow 

Anna Marrow has been making and selling screen prints since 1995. She's made work for a variety of clients including Selfridges, the Guardian and the BBC.
After completing an MA in illustration at Saint Martins, Marrow's now draws and paints as well but she still loves to print.”

She loves drawing and finds it really satisfying to create detailed and realistic characters and environments which she can then combine with elements of collage to create surprising , sometimes funny, situations which could almost happen.”
Gail Mason

Gail Mason completed a Masters in Multidisciplinary Printmaking at the University of the West of England in 2004 with a sell out show of large colourful abstract Silkscreen Monoprints based around the idea of Emotional Landscapes.

These works being energetic, passionate and vibrant, both in their creation and effect, built up from successive layers of screen painting, stencil and scraffito, improvising using dissonance and harmony around a given theme.

She is the recipient of awards from ‘Originals’ 08 the largest National Open Printmaking show, the Autumn Open Exhibition at the Royal West of England Academy where the large abstract silkscreen monotype lightboxes were described as ' incredibly joyous, peaceful and arresting’, by Venue magazine. Most recently she was invited to become a member of the Bath Society of Artists having won the Graphic Prize at the Annual Exhibition.

Gail usually works in silkscreen producing one-off prints. She is currently exploring a painterly approach to monochrome faces, interspersed with further abstract and semi abstract explorations into the power of colour.

She is based at Spike Print Studios in Bristol where she produces work for Exhibition, Commercial Galleries and the Corporate World.

Hannah McVicar

Hannah McVicar is an Illustrator and Printmaker. She produces floral illustrations for books, magazines and packaging. Her illustrations were recently compared to William Morris in a review in the New York Times. Hannah has worked for a variety of clients including The Times newspaper, Gardens Illustrated magazine and Ebury Publishing.

Her floral illustrations are influenced by her childhood, helping her parents at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Her upbringing around plants and her passion for drawing became naturally entwined. After graduating from Falmouth College of Art, in 2004, Hannah has continued to develop her style and technique using the medium of screenprinting.

When Hannah is not working on commissions for her various clients, she is producing colourful and vibrant collections of floral screenprints that she exhibits internationally and throughout the country. Hannah has recently had a solo exhibition at Tokachi Millennium Forest, in Japan.

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Chitra Merchant

Chitra experiments with processes like screenprint, monoprint , hand drawn and digitally manipulated marks to arrive at images. These maybe in a series, an edition or unique images.

Drawing is integral to her work.
Much of Chitra's work draws on her Indian upbringing. This is reflected in her use of colour as metaphor and landscape as allegory.
Katharina Nyilas

Katharina creates detailed and intricate drawings, mainly inspired by environmental concerns.
Katharina enjoys experimenting with printmaking and is currently selling hand printed products such as t-shirts, totes and digitally printed silk scarves.
Much of her work involves taking from her immediate environment re-using and recycling materials which has inspired her to set up creative recycling workshops under the name of Re-Craft. For the woodpecker screen prints Katharina has utilized found papers creating a variety of intriguing textures.
She has curated and exhibited in Bristol and the UK as well as having published work selling on Amazon and at the Welcome Institute.

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Elena Ortiz

Elena Ortiz is a spanish printmaker based in Bristol. Her work is a result of her broad knowledge across a variety of printing techniques such as photopolymer or lithography.

Elena's practice is rooted in her everyday life which she portrays through drawing and photography. Behind Elena's work you can glimpse her interest for geography, nature and those small details which make our daily life different.

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Plaice (detail) / screen-print

Pigeon is a creative obsessive. When she is not drawing, printing, making or writing, she is always thinking about what she will create when she next has the chance.

Her work is made up of charismatic creatures, bold colours and hand drawn pattern, always experimenting with different ways of exploring her natural folky style.  She uses a variety of media including pen, collage, and print, finding satisfaction in the happy accidents that come with working by hand.

She finds inspiration in everything around her, regularly visiting museums and galleries for fresh drawing material and inspiration, and delights in animal encounters.

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Hannah Postlewaite

Hannah graduated from University College Falmouth in 2008 with a B/A Hons in Illustration.

The intermission has been a bit of a voyage of discovery that has spanned across Cumbria (her homeland), BC, Canada and the Italian Dolomites. She is now landed in Bristol intent on seeking her fortune as a busy and important illustrator and creator of handmade goodies.

Her work is fueled by a variety of influences (her travels and every day experience for one) and the sheer delight of simply creating. Hannah’s work involves lively, linear drawing and collage. At present her print work is concerned with an array of organic subject matter- trees, plants and animals. On occasion it also enjoys being a bit silly.

Her products include greetings cards and prints, cushions, t-shirts and hanging decorations.
Pirrip Press

Pirrip Press is a small design + print studio, run by Alex + Georgie and specialising in silkscreen printing. They produce limited edition prints, paper products, apparrel and accessories, as well as working on bespoke stationery and self-publishing their own illustrated books.

They like to tell stories, and know that things have more authenticity if there's research, thought and a narrative of some kind behind them. So there's always a tale woven in to what they do.

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Sophie Rae

Sophie Rae has a BA (Hons) degree in Illustration from The Arts University Bournemouth.

Sophie has developed her own unique way of printmaking. After sketching out her designs she carefully cuts them into stencils. Then she mixes her oil-based inks to create beautiful colours. The stencils are placed onto the paper and a roller is used to apply the ink through the gaps, gradually building up layers of shapes until the image is complete.

Often inspired by the natural landscape, she loves to travel. Her trip to India this year has inspired her most recent prints, which she made whilst artist in residence at Chhaap Printmaking Studios in Gujurat.

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Benny / screen print
Tess Redburn

Tess graduated from Bath last year and now works part time as an illustrator. She has also taken up painting in her spare time to try to diversify her working process. For Tess, printmaking is mainly a way to take her work off screen and allows her to get back in touch with the ‘making’ side of things.
Missing the freedom she had at university to make more handmade work, Tess has found printmaking to be a good replacement for that.

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Robin / screen print
Jill Spence

Jill Spence is a silk screen printmaker. Her work is of stylised animals and birds, influenced by the repeat patterns of Moorish design and the bold, geometric shapes of the art deco period, with a contemporary injection from her training as a graphic designer. 
As a relatively new printmaker, her style is evolving, and she enjoys experimenting with different textures and colour overlays. She has made greetings cards, prints and cotton bags.

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Jess Townsend

Jess Townsend is a printmaker. Her etchings are inspired by her life-long love of Cornwall and the South West Coast, focusing particularly on her fascination with detail and patterns found in nature.

In her work, Jess creates balance between the delicacy and sensitivity of her subjects, and the use of strong line and relief to expose the endurance of the environment.

Cliff tops, sculptural boulders, trees blasted by gales, flowers and rock pools remain key subjects for her printmaking.
Working from sketches, she etches onto copper plate using a variety of traditional processes.

Jess lives in Bristol and is a member of Spike Print Studio.
Bronwyn Ward

Bronwyn is a relief print artist, working mainly with wood block prints. She studied Visual Arts in her native Australia, majoring in printmaking and combined media. She worked in visual merchandising and textile design before moving to the UK.

Bronwyn draws inspiration for her work from the native birds of the British Isles and Australia. She spends a lot of time observing birds in nature and studying their movements and behaviour. This she tries to capture in her work.

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Sophie Willoughby

Sophie is a freelance artist based in Bristol. She graduated in 2008 with a BA (Hons) Fine Art degree from the University of the West of England.

Her practice is process driven and employs printmaking and photographic methods of image making. She often favours experimental and hands-on techniques, such as the alternative photographic process of the cyanotype.

She draws inspiration from both familiar and foreign places, sometimes discovering the most interesting images come from our day to day life; noticing fresh things in a familiar background and looking at places which are generally overlooked yet finding beauty and intrigue within them.

Other print-makers involved: 
Julie Taylor